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Red King Crab

Claw half shell, with 2 pincers, IQF

Weight & reference
*50-80 g *80-110 g *110 g+
- art. 3001 - art. 3020 - art. 3022
*1 kg x 9 bags Master carton 9 kg

Merus shell on, IQF

Size & reference
*60-120 g *120-180g *180-220g
- art. 3024 -art. 3025 -art. 3026
*1 kg bag x 9 Master carton 9 kg


Weight & reference
*L2 700-900 g *L3 900 - 1100 g *L4 1100g +
- art. 4300 - art. 4301 - art. 4302
*Master carton 20 or 22 kg

Single legs

Size & reference
*L4 260-360 g per leg
- art. 3144
*Master carton 6,6 kg

Raw single legs

Size & reference
*250-325 g
- art. 4200
*Master carton 5 kg

Split legs

Weight & reference
*L4 260-360 g per leg
- art. 3143
*Master carton 6,6 kg

Paralithodes Camtschaticus
Cooked & Frozen, from Norway

Buy Red King Crab – Excellent Quality for Your Business

At, we understand the demands of wholesalers and restaurants. Our Red King Crab, also known as the Kamchatka crab, is carefully selected from the cold waters of the Northern Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea. With its large legs and flavorful meat, this crab is a valuable addition to your culinary offerings. Our commitment to quality means you can always rely on consistent taste and texture, regardless of the size of your order.

King Crab Price – Affordable Luxury for Food Enthusiasts

We understand that price is an important factor for wholesalers and restaurants. That’s why we offer competitive prices for our King Crab. This royal delicacy is known for its sweet, juicy meat and is appreciated by food enthusiasts worldwide. With our affordable prices, you can offer this luxury seafood to your customers without jeopardizing your profit margins.

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As a wholesaler or restaurant, you want only the best for your customers. Our King Crab legs are carefully selected and swiftly delivered to ensure their freshness. These legs are the epitome of culinary delight and can serve as an impressive main course or a flavorful addition to your menu. Treat your guests to the unparalleled taste and texture of our King Crab legs.

King Crab – Enjoy the Delicacy

King Crab, also known as King Crab, is a symbol of luxury and refinement. When you incorporate our King Crab into your menu, you add a touch of culinary elegance. The sweet, tender texture of crab meat is a favorite among food enthusiasts worldwide. It is our mission to make this delicacy accessible to wholesalers and restaurants, so you can always delight your customers with the finest flavors.

King Crabs – Discover Their Culinary Magic

King Crabs, with their imposing appearance, have a magical allure in the culinary world. Our high-quality King Crabs are perfect for restaurants looking to excel in their menu offerings. They are versatile and can be used in various dishes, from traditional crab salads to sophisticated crab dishes. Discover the magic of King Crabs and offer your customers an unforgettable taste experience.